Making Over Mickman…

At Voila! we love to please our clients. Often times a client will come to us thinking they know exactly what they want. Yes, it would be easiest to just […]

Please pass the WordPress

This Thanksgiving – as we sit in a stupor after too much stuffing and pumpkin pie, along with other thanks, I’ll give thanks this year for the WordPress app. I […]

The Bomb?

It’s hard to turn your marketing brain off when you are out and about. I seem to analyze everything when I’m out, so this time, I thought I’d share a […]

I’m thankful for…

The Adobe Creative Suite: When I started out in the design world there was the transition from PageMaker (aka PageMONSTER) to QuarkXPress. We’ve come along way since then. I am […]

Thanksgiving? Thanks, Google!

With Thanksgiving just days away, it is the perfect time to give thanks for little things that make our lives easier. With the amount of power Google holds over (seemingly) […]

Be a Pro at Posts and Pages

Now that you are logged into the dashboard. You’re ready to edit your posts or pages add new ones. Wait… Pages?… Posts?…, what’s the difference? I want to add content […]

Recipe for success

What is our recipe for customer-service success? You can’t just throw things together and expect it to work out each time. For the best results, use the following recipe. A […]

39 Days Till Christmas

What a great time of year for marketing. All the ads, commercials and in-store displays. Just turning on the TV can rev up a person’s blood pressure from the stress […]