SEO Introduction

John Flottmeyer
November 8, 2010 0 Comment

For those of you that have never heard of SEO, first off, it stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’.  If that still doesn’t mean anything to you, let me break it down a bit further.  Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have software programs called crawlers that are constantly visiting (or ‘crawling’) websites, copying the content and links to index and store the information.  Then, when you type something into your search engine, the search terms are compared to all of that indexed information, and results are produced in order of relevance.

As if that process isn’t confusing enough on its own, we, as web developers, business owners, marketing directors, and the like, have to figure out how to best optimize our websites to get them to show up in the top listings for their relevant search terms.  As search engines become more and more complex, techniques for SEO keep growing and changing.

One tool that is available to help us evaluate and improve websites’ SEO is called Website Grader, by HubSpot, which grades your website on a 0-100% scale in a variety of categories to show you where you’re doing well, and where you can still use some improvement.  This is just one of the many tools available for SEO improvement. Next week I will dig in deeper to talk about page titles, descriptions, content, and keywords, and how to tie all of them together to work best for your website.

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