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John Flottmeyer
November 25, 2010 0 Comment

This Thanksgiving – as we sit in a stupor after too much stuffing and pumpkin pie, along with other thanks, I’ll give thanks this year for the WordPress app. I will not be blogging from the table – no gravy on the iPod…

I was amazed when you could update a blog via a secret email.

Secret email? How cool is that?? You mean I can email stuff from anywhere and publish to my blog? Yes. Yes you can.

When WordPress released a free app to update blogs I was blown away. iPhone, iPad, and iPod users rejoice!

You can log into your or blog via the app and make changes to pages, posts and comments. Not only can you edit text content, you can add images, video etc. directly from your device.

How do I set this up?

1. Switch on in the backend – log in as an admin user. Navigate to Settings >> Writing
towards the bottom of the page you’ll see an option for Remote Publishing. Check the box for XML-RPC

2. Set up your device

Create an account –
select add self-hosted WordPress blog >> enter your url ( and enter your WordPress username and password, then click save.

3. Blog away!

Now you can create blog posts, add images and videos, and you can either choose to save it as a “local copy” if you aren’t ready to publish to the web yet, or you can publish as a draft or save to the site right away.

The drawback – There are a few bugs to be worked out of the app. I’ve run into a few unexpected crashes when trying to change the settings, but for a free app I cannot complain and I know that they’ll get these bugs worked out.

Droid users, you have not been forgotten, I have not tried it personally, but here is an app that you can use on your phone for editing blog entries.

Next time… What are plugins? And what are some of the best?

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