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November 29, 2010 0 Comment

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gone over various SEO tips, standards, and suggestions. As the month now comes to a close, there are a few final thoughts and ideas left to share.

  1. Incorporate Social Media
    Social Media websites truly do rule the web. With Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in the top 10 most visited sites on the Internet, sharing your company’s information and website via these media can make a large impact on your marketing and SEO. Benefits include targeting a larger and more diverse audience, improving search engine rankings through increased number of links to your site, and increasing brand awareness via unbiased and trusted social sources.

  2. Keep your website content and meta-data fresh
    Constantly making sure your website has the most recent and up-to-date information ensures that your customers (both current and potential) are receiving the most accurate portrayal of your company possible. It also ensures that search engines do the same. Keeping website content, meta-data, social media, and image alt tags* up-to-date guarantees search engines are crawling accurate and current information.

    Two good ways to keep your content current are: blogging (whether monthly, weekly, or daily) about the most recent news and information about your company, and sitemaps. Submitting a sitemap through Google’s Webmaster tools allows you to give search engines an index of which pages on your site are in use, how often they’re updated (approximately), and subsequently how often they should be crawled/indexed.

    *Image alt tags, or alternative text tags, are set up within your pages’ HTML coding and give search engine crawlers text content to index when text is present in image format.

  3. Resubmit your site to search engines after major changes/updates
    As a final step in revamping your site’s SEO, you can resubmit your site’s URL to search engines to make sure they are re-indexed with current information and content. You can resubmit your URL for some of the top search engines here:


Over the next month, I will go over a few different social media sites (how they work, how to optimize them for your business, and other useful information and tips). Stay tuned!

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