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John Flottmeyer
November 30, 2010 0 Comment

At Voila! we love to please our clients. Often times a client will come to us thinking they know exactly what they want. Yes, it would be easiest to just go ahead and do that but sometimes it is worth taking the time to suggest something a little different and perhaps more creative. After all that is our job to be creative right?

One of our clients John Mickman, President of Mickman Brothers, came to us with an existing sales kit that he had been using for years for their wreath fundraiser. John just wanted a few tweaks and some design changes to freshen up the folder and it’s contents. We took a chance and spent some time researching the idea of giving everyone that signed up to fundraise a custom Mickman Brothers binder where they could keep all of their important fundraising information. John loved the idea and so did his existing and new fundraising clients. He saw sales increase and we saw one of our ideas turn into a success!

If you have Christmas shopping left to do I encourage you to share the magic of Christmas with your friends and family by purchasing a wreath from Mickman Brothers:

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