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John Flottmeyer
December 1, 2010 0 Comment
What are the HOT questions you should be asking yourself when you are planning your BLOG?

    1. Do you have a plan?
    2. Should you use an Editorial Calendar? This may help you think about the bigger picture. You don’t have to be locked into the calendar topics,  if a topical news item breaks, then you have a duty to cover it if it’s important to your readers.
    3. What frequency will you be posting?
    4. Will you be the only one posting to the blog? Who are the key bloggers in your company?
    5. How will you review if things are working?
    6. What tools will you use?
      1. WordPress;
      2. Blogger;
    7. Will someone be editing your article posts?
    8. Will you have images that you will post as well? How will you acquire those images? Do you have the rights to use them?
      1. Great photographer:
    9. How will you promote your BLOG?
      1. Here is a great link for 20 essential BLOG directories;
    10. How will you keep things organized?
    11. This may be over used, but I like hearing people say that BLOG stands for = Better Listings On Google. But this is true, so make sure you have it in your plan to include your SEO information in your blog posts.

    We love to bite into a new project. If you need help with your Hot Diggity Blog – let’s talk.

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