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John Flottmeyer
December 9, 2010 0 Comment

Ugh, Spam – horrible, terrible, time consuming stuff! It’s only Thurday and I have 5 emails from! I wish they’d stop emailing me! Never fear, there are a few tricks that can help to filter out some of this riff raff.

If you are hosted with Voila!, then your mail is being hosted in an application called Smartermail.

Smartermail has two filters: content filter and its spam filter.
This week I’d like to touch on the content filter and setting one up.

Content Filter – Smartermail has a content filter that you can set up rules in to sort out the bad seeds. To create a filter, log into your mail program, usually Enter your email address and password. Now go to Settings at the top, and the left navigation will update.

  1. Click Filtering folder on the left.
  2. Then click content filtering. At the top will appear some options.
  3. Click “New” to create a new rule.
  4. Now, choose what you want to have filtered out.
    1. Say, for instance, you are getting spam from you may want to choose  “Contains Specific Words or Phrases”, then check from address
  5. After you have chosen your parameters click next
  6. Now choose ‘and’ or ‘or’. if it’s ‘and’, all the criteria must be met.
    1. And – If I entered doodlehead, into the criteria for filtering, the email would need to both have doodlehead and in the address to have the action applied to it
    2. Or – If I entered doodlehead, into the criteria for filtering and chose ‘or’, the address would need to be either from or from doodlehead so I would also cover if they decided to email me from or if they emailed me from
  7. Enter your criteria and hit next.
    1. In my example I’m going to choose ‘or’ and enter doodlehead
  8. Now you can give it a name – this will enable you to remember what rule it is when you have a few set up. So for this one maybe something like doodlehead
  9. Finally, choose what you’d like the server to do with that message.
    1. Now it’s tempting to choose Delete Message – but please note the filter is just a program and if it makes a mistake that email is gone for good – turned back to 1’s and 0’s
    2. An example would be, say you got an email from Gredo Odle Head of Marketing – (ok, I had to stretch a bit for my demo to fit – but you get the point) Now my email from Gredo went straight to the deleted items.
    3. Instead, try moving the email to a folder like Junk or even the Deleted items. – but wait, they will fill up my box! Ok, try this:

Folder Clean – Smartermail also has a feature called folder clean- it lives just above the content filter. If you click this it will probably say that its set to the default setting. Click override and you can add more actions for it to do. So say you have junk going to the deleted items folder, what you can do is click ‘add rule’.

  1. Choose your folder.
  2. Then choose the type size or date.
    1. I usually do 30 days
  3. Then click save.

Voila! That’s it. Now, if Gredo emails you and you didn’t get his email – you’ll have a better chance of finding it and then change the rule to work for his name.

Hierarchy – One other thing to mention is Hierarchy. Rules higher up on the list take precedence. So say you wanted Gredo to always get through. You could follow the steps above to create a rule allowing all email from Gredo, then move it above the doodlehead rule. (Instead of moving the email to the deleted items, move it to the inbox.) Since it’s the first rule, the second rule will not apply to it.

Wait you say, I’ve done this! I still get emails to purchase watches!!!
Yes, unfortunately this won’t catch all of the spam email, but should help to cut it down considerably.

Next Week – Messin with my spam settings.

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