Alias, Forwarding, & Autoreponders

John Flottmeyer
December 23, 2010 0 Comment

Ever wanted one email to go to an alternate email on a temporary or permanent basis? How about setting up an automated message to let people know that you are not available?

NO? you are obviously at the wrong blog, you want to go here. ( Yep Pong, jQuery is amazing – Merry Christmas )

Today I’ll walk you through setting this up in Smartermail, and a couple different ways to do it.

Forwarding – Within your mail application you can set up a forward; this tells the Smartermail when it gets an email, send it on to another address. Click settings >> Account Settings >> Forwarding (tab) and enter the address that you’d like it go to to. You’ll notice there’s an option to delete the message on forward. Is this right for what I’m doing?
Is this a permanent forward? You can probably delete the message in this instance.
Is it a temporary forward? “I’ll send my mail to my Gmail while I’m out so I can check it on my iPhone…”. – If this is the case then you want to have the server retain a copy so when you log into your mail application it will download to your desktop.

Also please note that if you have the mail forwarding and deleting without the autoclean folder set up, the email may not get cleared out. (Some of the junk mail will not get forwarded.) Be sure to check out my previous article on setting up a custom autoclean for a folder.

Alias – Nope, it has nothing to do with spies. Sorry! All you Ludlum fans can probably stop right now. An alias is a record that works similar to a forward – it tells the server that if mail comes to the address, forward it to the email address or addresses specified. So if you don’t need an email box to store the emails, this may be the best way to go, and if you want it to go to several emails, you can change it to do that as well. The downside: without the mail box, if you respond, the real sending email address will appear – which may not matter if you have it forwarding anyways, but may be confusing for someone who, say, emails, but gets a response from

Autoresponder – Ok, so you’re heading out of town but you want people to know that when they email you, you aren’t going to get the emails right away. Click over to your settings – then click autoresponder. Check the box to enable auto-responder. I usually have the box disable responses to indirect mail checked as well, only mail sent directly to you will receive your auto-responder. Any mail you receive through a mailing list, forward, or an alias will not trigger your auto-responder.

Coming up next week – setting up Smartermail on your new iPod or iPhone/Android/shoe phone device you got for Christmas – awesome!

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