Browsers being bad – privacy and security

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January 26, 20115 0 Comment

If you feel the need to get tinfoil to cover your head, you are not without warrant. Browsers are great, but as of late there has been some major stories […]

Browser goodness: The Basics

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January 20, 20115 0 Comment

Yep I said it browsers are chock full of goodness – except when they aren’t because sometimes they’re not…  but I’ll touch on that next week.

FREE Antivirus & Anti-Malware

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January 17, 20115 1 Comment

Most of us have heard of Antivirus providers like Norton and McAfee, but do you really need to shell out the money for these system resource hogging software packages? Not […]

You browsers history and cache, and cookies

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January 13, 20115 0 Comment

Cache 22 – wait the site hasn’t changed? Are there sinister forces working against you? You don’t see the latest changes and everyone else does? Nope no conspiracy, and probably […]

Great, Free Software

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January 10, 20115 0 Comment

Whether you’re a PC or Mac user, there is a wealth of free software available on the web at your disposal. This week I’d like to highlight some of my […]

Your web Browsers and you

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January 6, 20115 0 Comment

If you set up your internet in the 90’s and haven’t touched it then you may be using AOL, IE, or Netscape. If you click the E to get to […]

MeMoves™ on

MeMoves™ An award winning DVD, one two-minute MeMoves™ sequence can immediately calm even a child with autism in distress. Imitating those on the screen, users are transformed by the images, […]

Award Winning!

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January 4, 20115 0 Comment

I love all the excitement surrounding awards shows like the red carpet interviews and the celebs getting all dressed up. My husband knows when it is Golden Globe and Oscar […]

SEO – Singular or Plural?

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January 3, 20115 0 Comment

This week I was asked, “Does it matter if search terms are singular or plural?” and I had to respond, “Good question!” After some searching, it turns out that, yes, […]