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John Flottmeyer
February 10, 2011 0 Comment

You have stats set up, but you always forget to go in and check? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have them emailed to you weekly?
But wait you can!! You can have them emailed to you montly or weekly as well!

Setting up Smarter Stats to mail  reports

  1. First log into your SmarterStats Account.
  2. From the Settings menu choose “My Email Reports”.
  3. Click “Add Email Report”
  4. Set up the settings you’d like for your email, what reports the frequency, who it should go to and the format html or text.

Setting up Google Analytics to mail reports

  1. First log into your Google Analytics account –
  2. Choose your site from the list – click “view report”
  3. on the top in the grey area is an email button
  4. once you click this there is an option to schedule reports
  5. Fill out the frequency, how you’d like to view it, and who it should go to and you are all done.

Next Week: Hits, Visits, Unique – what does that mean?

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