Editing images at home or on the go

John Flottmeyer
February 24, 2011 2 Comments

If you want to crop, re size, rotate your photos you need some good photo editing software.
What’s that you say? You can’t afford that pricey software?
Well good news, there are low cost and even free options out there.

For those of you looking to edit on the go, there are several out there that work well.

Picnik – http://www.picnik.com/
Pixlr – http://pixlr.com/editor/ (flash based)
Photoshop Express – http://www.photoshop.com/

If you prefer to use something on the desktop.*

I haven’t personally tried Gimp or Photoshop elements but they look like very good tools.
gimp (GNU image manipulation program) – http://www.gimp.org/
photoshop elements- http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopel/

Mac users – http://www.pixelmator.com/

*Note: These are all third-party tools. Install at your own risk!!*


  • User
    12 years ago

    gimp is very nice, though to run in on a mac you need to install x11, not a big deal, but an extra download. If you are able to push the limits of gimp, then you need a commercial product.

    On Linux, it just works, and comes by default with ubuntu and a couple of other distributions.

  • User
    12 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Steve! I noticed too that Pixelmator has gone to the app store, so I guess it’s advised that you need Snow Leopard or greater to use it, or at least to get the free upgrade to 2.0 when it comes out.

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