Drawring anywhere with friends!!

John Flottmeyer
March 3, 2011 0 Comment

I am a follower of a great website Smashing Magazine. They share all things great and wondrous in coding trends, and fun new stuff that designers are doing. This week they shared a tool that someone has created that I find amazing, an online drawing tool that is multi-user.
So what? you say, well next time you are in a meeting, and you don’t have a white board to write down your ideas –  maybe this site would work for you?

What if you are playing Pictionary at home? it would work great for that as well.  (Note – Contrary to popular belief not all artists are good at pictionary, I tend to get hung up on getting all the details drawn. I’ve been known to keep going after the timer is out – fair warning if you ever play Pictionary with me.)

The Marvelous image above was created by Allison and I. It will be available soon on Ebay for an opening bid of $200 (no not really)



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