IE6 5 minutes to midnight

John Flottmeyer
March 10, 2011 0 Comment

Like the doomsday clock in one of my favorite movies, Microsoft has begun a death clock on its outdated browser IE6. Unlike the apocalyptic clock this death is a good one.  After 10+ years its is past time for the old browser to retire.

Citing several reasons, security, compatibility, it’s old, Microsoft has started an all out campaign to stop the outdated browser.

We are on the cusp of Html5 the latest webpage markup language. One of the exciting new features is easily embeddable multimedia tools. All the latest browsers can see it, but IE6 just goes, “Eh, you youngsters – bah who needs video, I’ve got animated gifs”

Here is an example of a video embedded in a page using html5

Reference Links
link to IE6 story on information week
link to IE 6 Death clock

Other IE tidbit for people who do stuff – IE8 is the only browser not to patch itself before this weeks hacking competition in Canada (Pwn2own).
What whoa hackers? yep – check it out.

Reference Links
IE8 and hackers

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