Juggling Multiple Social Networks Just Got Easier

John Flottmeyer
May 4, 2011 0 Comment

Facebook username, Facebook password. Twitter username, Twitter password. Linkedin username, Linkedin password. Foursquare username, Foursquare password. Ping.fm username, Ping.fm password. If you are familiar with any type of social media you’ll understand the hassle of constantly checking different websites multiple times a day. Yet, what if there was some magical superhero tool that could log you into all those different accounts while sending out all your updates from one website? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a superhero….it’s Hootsuite – the magical superhero social networking tool. (P.S., it’s also a bird)

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Hootsuite isn’t a social network. Hootsuite is a social networking tool that allows you to monitor, post, and schedule posts to multiple social networks all at the same time! With this great tool you can throw away that extra planner you purchased to remind you when your next post is supposed to go out. Hootsuite can automatically send out posts that you schedule weeks in advance even if you’re not on the computer that day. No more waking up in a sweat because you forgot to post something, and no more remembering six different passwords and logging into multiple accounts ten times a day.

By saving you time and sanity, Hootsuite monitors and posts to multiple social networks leaving your boss and followers wondering how one person can be that amazing – like a superhero. To learn more visit http://www.hootsuite.com or download it directly to your mobile device!

Written by Sonja Lee, writing intern

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