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December 6, 2011 0 Comment

I was always taught that parents love their children the same…they don’t have favorites. I’m guessing the same should apply for clients…BUT…I have a couple favorites.

John Mickman, President/CEO of Mickman Brothers, is one of them. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with John the past 7 years on his Christmas wreath program materials as well as print pieces for other aspects of his business. From the testimonial below I think Voila! Media Group might be on John’s list of favorites too.


Thanks John for the great things you had to say about the service we provide to you, it’s our pleasure.



Testimonial from John Mickman, President/CEO, Mickman Brothers, Ham Lake, Minnesota:


Now that we are near the end of ‘the season’ for our seasonal businesses, I believe a quick note regarding the positive effect you and your team have had in marketing our businesses this year is overdue.

I’ve always been impressed with how quickly and comprehensively you and your staff have picked up on ‘the feel’ that I wish to convey to our customers and clients in each of our marketing campaigns. In over 35 years of doing business, I can testify that this is a rare proficiency. And then, you take the core message I wish to deliver, and voila! – you add so much life and vibrancy to the message(s).

In both print materials and in our online presence, your staff always comes through with a unique, professional message that customers/clients in each of our market segments expect to see from a professional company. There is no question that our business has grown annually to a significant degree since we began working together over 7 years ago.

The work that Voila! does for us is not only effective, but in each case we find a high level of value for each precious dollar spent. In these economic times, this is extremely important for our company.

Keep up the good work. Please!

John S. Mickman, President


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