Guest Blogger: “Kill Email, Save No One”

John Flottmeyer
December 15, 2012 0 Comment

Melissa DelayVoila! Media Group believes that everything we do sends a message & reflects on your company’s brand. We are going to bring a series of blog posts from Melissa of TruPerception each month to give you tips on communication-related topics to help with your brand’s design extension. Tune in each week to find out how you can improve your communication to better reflect your brand, or contact us with any questions!

About Melissa
Melissa DeLay, a versatile, frontline communication strategist, has spent more than a decade perfecting her unique approach to message design and delivery. Through a combination of intuition, higher education and countless hours behind boardroom doors, Melissa has mastered the art of making positive impressions. And she’s passionate about teaching others how to unleash their powers of persuasion-of going beyond words-to drive behavior change, inspire innovation and grow business.

About Her Blog
“Everything we do sends a message. Casual conversation, body language and emails. It all communicates something and it all matters. Yet, crafting and delivering the right messages can be tricky. Spill the Truth is an upfront, energetic blog where you’ll learn how to use words, gestures and tone to communicate with confidence… even in the most difficult situations.”

Each month’s blog includes tips on a wide range of communication-related topics, including email, presentations, one-on-one conversations, as well as social media.

Guest Blog Post: Kill Email, Save No One
CEO Tierry Breton may be the first brave soul to ban the use of internal email, but he won’t be the last. And sadly, he won’t solve anything. Within 18 months his 75,000 member staff will stop sending one another email and instead rely on instant messaging and chat-style services similar to Facebook (read more).

There is no doubt that technology has done wonders for the field of communications. It has brought us increased messaging speed and an insatiable appetite for content. But, what it hasn’t done is reinvent the wheel. At the core, humans still have only two ways to communicate: speaking and writing.

Leaders like Breton are prone to seek technology solutions for communication problems. They want to free employees from inbox bulge and find a way to streamline business decisions. But, the problem with email isn’t technology; it’s the writer.

Top netiquette mishaps include:

  • Hiding the point beneath endless paragraphs of background information
  • Using a dull, non-actionable subject like “MDT Brochure Supplement”
  • Berating readers with a thinly veiled, snaggletooth tone

Intentions are good, but since email robs users of what experts agree are the most important elements of effective communication—tone and nonverbal expression—everyone is at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, these persuaders, which are so vital for influencing change and building relationships, are not only lost through instant messaging, they’re even less valued.

So, with more than 107 trillion emails going out this year, let’s wish Mr. Breton luck. But for those of you stuck battling the inbox dilemma, find a little hope with Hush Files.

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