Are you “doing social media”?

John Flottmeyer
January 2, 2016 0 Comment

Social media, if used effectively, can be an excellent tool to build your brand, generate leads and convert them.


Reality check – if your social media pages have only a handful of followers, and if more than half of them are just your employees, then you are not “doing social media.”


Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if the effort you are putting in, makes the social media you are doing, worth it.


Are you consistent?

Do you have regular posting habits? Be honest, do you have a social media calendar that you follow? Nothing hurts a business more than creating social media accounts and then not posting to them. It can even hurt your SEO (search engine optimization). Investing in a social media management tool will help you to plan out posts ahead of time and make sure that your brand is posting consistently. When a business is noticeably consistent, customers begin to trust them and want to buy from them!


Are your graphics fantastic?

Being consistent also applies to your visual content or graphics. Make your logo size and placement consistent for brand familiarity. Fonts, colors, and layouts are all design elements that play a significant role in making your company’s images stand out.


Do you boost your posts?

Let’s take a look at Facebook. You have to pay-to-play to get your posts seen (yes, even if people already like your page). Did you know that approximately only 2% of your posts will be seen by the people that like your page if you don’t boost them?


Pay with the “Boost Post” option. You can pay $5, or you can spend hundreds of dollars. In the sample below you can see that for $5 you can potentially reach 2,100 – 5,500 women. You can specify your Target Audience (age, gender, geographic location, income, etc.) to get your posts to the audience you want. If you click on boost post, you can get an estimate of how many users you might expect to reach for a certain dollar amount investment.

Loris Day Spa Boosting sample


If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we could help get you on the right social media path. Not only does social media help your brand, but it helps your Search Engine Optimization as well. We work with clients that range from handling it all to just doing a post to two a week. If you work with us, you will quickly find that we are fun, timely & opinionated. Voila! Media Group

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