Why We Love Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

John Flottmeyer
February 1, 2016 0 Comment

It’s Everywhere

The first magazine was published in 1741, the first billboards arrived in the late 1800’s, search engines launch in 1995, blogging emerged in 1998, social media sites gained prominence in the early 2000’s, YouTube came out in 2005, Facebook & Twitter hit the marketing scene in 2006. We love marketing because it’s everywhere & it’s here to stay. It may change from year to year, but we embrace marketing and like to use whatever the latest and greatest technology is to grow our business & yours. 


It’s Creative

From print to digital, we have an opportunity to be creative and show our brand attitude with each piece or post we make.


We get to be creative every day, whether we are working on our marketing ideas or our clients.


It Can Help Build Relationships

To build relationships, you need to provide meaningful and relevant information to your target audience. You also need to communicate frequently and respond to customer requests. What better way than through marketing & the plethora of different tools and tactics available.


Keep in mind that social media relationships do not replace solid marketing strategy. They amplify it. If you are thinking that a few blog posts, random status updates, and a healthy number of “followers” and “likes” are going to make your business magically grow. It takes a commitment to build relationships.


It Can Grow Your Business

When you build relationships, you grow your business.


We’re leveraging real data and strategic targeting to determine our audience and connect with them using the most effective methods. Digital marketing tactics such as social media advertising allow marketers to target individuals based on very specific criteria including geographic location, age, gender, interests and so much more.


Outlining your target audience, clearly defining goals and aligning these details with your strategy and ad targeting will help you effectively reach and connect with your market.


It’s Ever Evolving

Marketing evolves with technology & technology is ever changing.

We like that it’s not just the same thing day after day. We love the thrill of seeing email open rates soar, we love the thrill of watching a new business blog posts get tons of shares and most of all we love working with clients who want to improve their online marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to be a drag; it should be fun and at Voila! Media Group we strive to provide high-quality service while having fun, being timely & opinionated. Voila! Media Group

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