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LinkedIn Tip: Adding Your Blog in Your LinkedIn Profile

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November 4, 2016 3 Comments

LinkedIn Tip: Adding Your Blog in Your LinkedIn Profile

You can leverage your blog by adding it to your LinkedIn profile as well as automate the process when you make a blog post. 

Here’s how in 

1) Add the WordPress Plugin to your WordPress blog

2) Follow the plugins instructions for authorizing WordPress to publish to your LinkedIn

3) Write some awesome blog posts

How does it work?
Every time a blog post appears on the original blog, your LinkedIn Profile is automatically updated.

You can also add your Blog link to your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s how on LinkedIn:

  • Click “Contact Info” on your profile.
  • Then Click “Blog” & add your link here.















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  • User
    6 years ago

    I successfully linked mine thanks to this guide. Very helpful for linkin and worpdress users.

    1. User
      Voila! Admin
      6 years ago

      Wonderful Cynthia, thanks for the feedback!

  • User
    6 years ago

    That’s a very nice article. I think when we think about building social profiles, all that comes to our minds is Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn often goes ignored and I think you have made a good point here that LinkedIn profiles can help you build a good authority within the community.

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