Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone

John Flottmeyer
December 7, 2016 0 Comment

Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone

Imagine you are getting ready to post a ‘Happy Holidays’ message from your company. You have multiple social media accounts for your organization and all have them have sizable audiences. It may seem good enough to simply publish the same post across the board and call it a day, but this will limit the brand impact of your post as it fails to acknowledge significant demographic differences across platforms not to mention photo size differences for each platform. Let’s compare Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook is the blue chip of social media networks, approaching two-billion active users with no signs of slowing. Yet in spite of, or because of, this growth, younger individuals are moving away from the network. It’s less fun to post photos from your weekend if mom, and grandma, are seeing them. Thus a post for Facebook should be informal but not age specific, unless of course you are smart about your targeting. Because of its size and durability Facebook has the most extensive ad targeting capabilities for a social network.


Instagram has become the refuge for teens and young adults looking to flee their parents watchful eye. It’s the powerhouse social network for millennials and Generation Z and with almost 70 percent of teens and young adults engaging branded content on it, it’s a good place to be. That said it’s more lighthearted and image heavy than Facebook, and doesn’t allow URLs to be hyperlinked in its posts. For this reason an Instagram post wont have the follow through to another website that Facebook would, and is better used as a reminder to your audience that you have a voice in their day-to-day. However, you can direct them to your bio & have your link there. 


Worth keeping in mind, Instagram is owned by Facebook so it’s in their best interest to have a friendly cross-interface usability. As you explore the ever shifting social media terrain feel free to reach out to us, we will make sure you know how to customize for the platform of your choice.

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