5 Social Media Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Potential

John Flottmeyer
January 14, 2017 2 Comments

LinkedIN tips to increase your potential 

Potential customers and clients are increasingly looking for new contacts and solutions for their business needs, through networking via LinkedIn. If you aren’t reaching customers through LinkedIn, you are missing out on one of the fastest growing ways to reach new business contacts. Here are 5 social media tips to increase your LinkedIn potential.

  1. Get a great image. No matter how great your message, the first thing that generally captures attention on social media is a great image. Get an attractive, professional and size appropriate image uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. The more people can associate a face with your business, the more connections you will receive.
  2. Send out Invites. Any connections you receive through LinkedIn will likely result from you sending out an invitation. Look for others with similar interests and mutual connections and you will likely have more invites accepted.
  3. Get creative with your title. Choose something with imagination that sparks interests of others looking to connect. For instance, instead of a sales representative, how about a sales growth advisor?
  4. Don’t forget about content. SEO content that is informative and helpful will help promote you as an industry expert. Remember to post attention-getting multimedia links along with your content to appeal to a broader audience.
  5. Be personable. Personalizing your message will help you gain more LinkedIn connections that can turn into long-term relationships. It never hurts to come off as warm and friendly. An inviting message will make you more appealing to those considering a business connection.

Expanding your social media potential through LinkedIn is not difficult–but it may take a little practice. If you are looking for more helpful social media tips, try consulting with a professional media group for more ideas about networking and expanding your social media presence.


  • User
    5 years ago

    These are good tips, however in practice you can get even better effect if you combine several ways of reaching prospect.
    Also good way to keep in prospect’s mind is to use profile autovisit tools like https://protop.co

  • User
    Voila! Admin
    5 years ago

    I’ll check out your link Daniel, thank you for sharing. Yes, we also believe in being well rounding in your marketing and having many different ways to reach out to your audience.

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