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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

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February 2, 2017 0 Comment

Four Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for a Productive and On-Trend February

Well, we made it through this first month of 2017 (resolutions and all) and now that the social trend talk has quieted down a little, we can really get a good grasp on what we all should be focusing on this year. As you gear up to welcome February, here are 4 social media tips that can help you to stay ahead of the pack…


Don’t be a 5-alarm snooze-fest.

You may be the most serious brand on the planet (like industry-grade, rocket-science-degree, no-one-else-gets-it serious), but if your posts are also a real snooze-fest that require an 18 coffee minimum to get through them… you’re doing it wrong. Don’t push sales hype only. Be interesting. Be intriguing. Remember, you have to show your customer that you are valid in their life. Not the other way around. The burden of likeability is yours to bear and nobody likes “buy my product” guy.

Don’t quit Twitter – Yet. 

Even the Atlantic went on record to predict the impending death of Twitter, but don’t give up on it just yet. While people are posting less, you need to keep the ship running while you build up other platforms. So while Twitter is not set to die off yet, if at all, having other irons in the fire is always a plus – even if Twitter sticks it out and survives.


Do take a 360-degree turn.

Videos are going realistic. We’re talking 360-degree video angles, thanks to new virtual reality technology. Get on board now. Yes, this trend is on the ground floor, but try it now and you’ll be groundbreaking.

Do plan ahead… social media is about to cross over to IRL.

Snap announced that it is coming out with IRL glasses that will allow users to see life through your eyes. The concept is really cool actually… especially if you are a brand that sells more of an experience than a product.


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