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Social Media Tips: LinkedIN

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February 16, 2017 0 Comment

Social Media Tips: LinkedIN

How LinkedIN helps employers:

It is a bit like Facebook where users connect with people they know from school or work, but it has a professional networking feel geared toward business and marketing. Employers use it to search for talent without the summer vacation photos and national politics clouding the page. Job seekers use it to network with others in the same career and to apply for work.

Here is how it can help you:

As a platform for niche skills : LinkedIN allows individuals to enhance resume bullet points by detailing skill areas crucial for employers. A sales professional with a background in building metals who speaks Mandarin can explain through the ‘endorsement’ feature their applicable skill level. Businesses looking to hire for niche classifications are able to search more effectively than with ordinary resumes.

As a tool for sales: Not a website where people hawk their wares but a profile page where skilled individuals can show off their work. Bloggers can add links to pieces they have written and artists can add photo exhibits of their work. Anyone with professional expertise can demonstrate through their page. This is great for both employees and employers.

As a discussion forum: Groups with similar interests or similar careers can network by taking advantage of the happenings within a community. Sell baseball and softball uniforms to local clubs? Start a group for coaches and community leagues. Do business in Singapore? Look for expats who live and work there by searching the website. It doesn’t have to be business specific; however, most forums and layouts are arranged with working professionals in mind.

Need more social media tips or advice on how to get the most out of sites like LinkedIN? We can provide you with tailored options perfectly suited for your business. See our LinkedIN page

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