Maximize Your Twitter Presence

John Flottmeyer
March 22, 2017 0 Comment

Maximize Your Twitter Presence With These Tips

Twitter can be a powerful way to reach potential customers, but only if you use it properly. Here are a few tips for expanding your presence on this social media site and how to use it to attract more customers.

Search For People Interested In Your Business

When opening a Twitter account, immediately search for your business type and begin following people who have followed a lot of others. Follow first here, because when you get access to someone with a lot of followers, you are likely to get some from them. Don’t worry if people don’t follow back: it’s still beneficial to follow others.

Always Thank Followers

When you get a new follower, thank them immediately with a message or a tagged Tweet. This makes your account feel more active and alive and makes them feel more respected. Including a link to a product is helpful, but not necessary.

Be Active And Interact

Twitter offers you a unique platform to connect with people and you need to take advantage of it by being as active as possible. An active Twitter account with a thousand followers can reach them regularly with Tweets regarding new products, price changes, congratulations to employees, and much more.

The idea is to create a steady (but not constant) stream of content that interests your followers and makes them check out what you have to offer.

If you need help using Twitter to its fullest, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can find ways to spread your business far and wide and bring thousands of people to your social media sites and your businesses.

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