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John Flottmeyer
March 25, 2017 0 Comment

5 Tips for Growing Your Business Through Instagram

Out of 400 million daily Instagram users worldwide, over five million businesses use the social media platform to spread awareness, spark interest and bring in customers, according to Instagram Business. To tap into that pool of potential customers, follow these tips for expanding your reach through your Instagram account.

Make your account a Business Account. With a Business Account, you can get metrics on how your content performs throughout the day. You can also see how your followers interact with your photos and stories. Lastly, your account can show important info like location, phone number and business hours. If you already have a personal Instagram account, you can convert it to Business, or create a new one. Choose an account name that’s the same or related to the name of your business. Keep it consistent across other social media channels so it will be easily recognizable.

Build an Instagram strategy. What do you want to achieve on Instagram for your business? Do you want to increase sales, brand awareness or traffic to your website? According to Hootsuite, the goals you set for Instagram should be achievable and measurable, and tie back to your business goals in general. Checking out other brands in your industry and browsing successful businesses on Instagram can help inspire and build your strategy. 

Craft a catchy and informative bio. Your Instagram bio is directly under the Follow button. Use that small space to convince users that they’ll enjoy following your account. Don’t make it too salesy; keep the tone light and fun. Here’s an easy bio formula from Kissmetrics: who you are + what you do + a pop of personality. Don’t forget to include a link to your site too.

Create engaging and visually interesting posts. What content will your photos focus on? Of course, it depends on your industry. Clothing brands photograph their pieces, restaurants offer tantalizing pictures of their food. Deciding on content for other industries can be less obvious, so do research and get creative. Graphic design company? Show off pretty fonts and designs. Local law/consulting/marketing business? Give followers a peek behind-the-scenes with how you celebrate successes (free donuts!) or prep for big events (piles of paperwork.) To make your photos look cohesive and recognizable, decide which filters or editing options to use and stick to them. Remember that most users use Instagram on their phones. High-resolution photos that fit well on a small screen will work best. 

Analyze your success and keep evolving. Sendible makes a great point that you will only find out what practices and content works best for you by analyzing and measuring results. Do new followers find your content through certain #hashtags? Photos get more likes and comments when you tag or mention another company? Do teaser photos or contests create more engagement? Checking in with your account’s results regularly helps pinpoint what part of your Instagram strategy is doing well or what needs tweaking.

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