Powerhouse Tips for Paid Search Conversion Rate

John Flottmeyer
April 26, 2017 0 Comment

Tomato – Tomatoes vs. Potato – Potatoes? How about there vs. their? Do the spelling of these words make any difference? Yes! Grammatically, and even more when they are being used for paid searches in hopes of good conversion rates. Not sure what a conversion rate is? It’s merely explained by how many marketing dollars it takes to turn a keyword (product or service) into a sale or lead.

Wrong keywords will make hash of your tags

Conversion rates have many factors that come into play when searching for optimization. Let’s begin with how much opportunity keywords have to be found on various software platforms. In an example, do you have a website or landing page? Is social media a part of your marketing campaign? More specifically do you utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? Each one of these platforms allows for prime exposure. Blogs are a tremendous showcase for ideal meta tags and hashtags, alike. However, all your tagging efforts can go upside down with the wrong keywords (i.e. there vs. their). Sadly, it’s not incorrect spelling alone that will bury your SEO efforts, but the wrong audience will do the same. To put the right followers in front of your marketing budget researching your customers is critical. Take the necessary time to look at their social media posts to see who they are following, and what hashtags (#) are being used most often, and this will give you a clearer picture of your customer and how to reach them. At the end of the day, keywords are key!

Metrics acronyms and how they affect your CASH

All these letters! What do they mean? Here’s the simple answer to these acronyms. CPC = Cost Per Click and CPA = Cost Per Acquisition. The formula can seem confusing if you are not familiar with metrics lingo, but it’s quite simple. Simple math that is. Let us say your company has budgeted $10,000 for marketing and of that dollar figure they have allotted a certain amount per click. The hope is that the click cost will not exceed the allotment, thus yielding the expected return. When the amount per click exceeds your budget, you now have a higher than desired CPA. Each click cost more to acquire a new customer and when this conversion happens your business needs to re-examine its analytics. Are your keywords reaching the right audience? Do your landing pages engage customers? Is your marketing budget realistic? The answers to these questions will help you in getting to the optimum CPA rate.

The most efficient formula to optimize your paid search conversion rate

1. Visit your metrics often

2. Have a well-researched target market

3. Maximize your keywords (meta tags and hashtags)

By following these three simple steps, you can ultimately create a dynamic marketing strategy and outstanding profits. Contact us for the best SEOs and you will be the best CEO!

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