3 Actionable Twitter Tips

John Flottmeyer
May 17, 2017 0 Comment

3 Actionable Tips for Connecting with Freelancers on Twitter

Freelancing can be a lonely business. It can also be a goldmine for social interaction and for making connections. When you are your own boss, you’re in charge of what events you attend, who you know, how many people you meet, and where those connections take you.

But the first step is getting yourself noticed. Follow these quick, actionable tips next time you’re looking for a new professional peer on Twitter.

1. Say Hi

No more lurking in the shadows of the digital world. Since you’re in charge of networking and meeting new people, be the first to say hello. Reach out with a regular old tweet and say something you like about the other person’s work. Whether it’s someone you admire or just found by accident, the person on the other side of that tweet will smile and your chances of making a lasting connection go up exponentially.

2. Share Relevant Content

Don’t assume swarms of cool new connections will find you online. You need to post relevant articles, blogs, and material with relevant hashtags so your profile doesn’t dissolve into nothingness. Your voice matters. So share content that aligns with your work, your message, and your values. That’s what will attract the right kind of connections.

3. Avoid Personal Gossip

As tempting as it is to share extremely personal struggles, stay away from anything you wouldn’t want a client to know about. Assume every potential client will scroll through your social media. Don’t let them be turned off by unprofessionalism.

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