4 Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Facebook Groups

John Flottmeyer
May 24, 2017 0 Comment

As a small business owner, there is no extra time to interact on social media. Every hour is precious and if it can be spent maximizing efficiency and finding leads, even better.

Most of the time, social media becomes a time-suck. However, if given a time limit and purpose, social media can turn into a wealth of resources.

Here, we’re focusing on Facebook and the power of joining Facebook groups. Find and join the industry groups related to your work, then check out these four ways to grow your small business with Facebook groups.

1. Ask questions often

Receiving genuine feedback from an interested audience already in your industry is a wonderful free resource. Being able to openly and transparently ask questions about products, services, tools, and processes to folks that are already listening is invaluable.

2. Drop helpful resource links when relevant

It’s important to share more than your own work while helping someone else. Share other websites, blogs, and business resources that you’ve found helpful, but that aren’t coming directly from you. Knowing about and sharing a variety of content builds trust and makes you look like a pro.

3. Like and comment

This one is unavoidable. You don’t need to go crazy on everybody’s posts, but you do need to interact with likes and comments when you’re invested in the topic. The more you show your face, the more group members will remember you, and the more likely they are to browse your work.

4. Give more than you take

The golden rule of Facebook groups, always give more than you take. For feedback, likes, comments, answers to questions, and general positive interactions, always come from a mindset of abundance. Don’t worry about receiving attention yet. Organic interaction encourages organic growth.

Join a Facebook group and start growing!

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