5 Social Media Topics That Will Always Be Fresh

John Flottmeyer
November 2, 2018 0 Comment

Social media topics to help keep your business fresh

You use your social media pages to help land new clients. It’s your platform to connect, build relationships, find referrals and improve your brand. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself running out of relevant topics to feature. Here’s a top five list of best practices to help keep your posts fresh, original and brand building.

Share your promotional items

You’ve spent a little money to invest in new pens featuring your company name. Use your social media pages to promote a picture of your new pen. This will increase visibility of your actual product as well as help you leverage more mileage out of your brand. Ask your audience to like or share your photo and invite them to your business to get one for themselves.

Ideas to showcase your pens:

  • Take a fun picture with the pen next to your desk – show people where you work
  • Hold the pen & focus lens on the pen
  • Have employees hold up the pen in a group shot
  • Write a message to your clients & have the pen next to the message

A picture is worth a thousand words

Feature pictures of you in action and enjoying your work! Whether you’re onsite, in a hard hat, at your desk or in the great outdoors, you can use a photo of yourself to promote your business. This picture shows two key factors, 1. That you’re busy (and busy means you know what you’re doing) and 2.) That you enjoy what you do. Prompt your audience to then share their photos of what they’re doing today. By asking this at the end, it can help make the post about your customer, instead of you.

Cross promotion networking

If you’re in a networking or industry group representing your business, use this opportunity to share your group’s endeavors. Showing your memberships indicates you’re invested in your craft and community. You’ll more than likely reach a new audience as well. Remember the art of reciprocation – you share their news, they’ll share yours. @Mention businesses or # Hashtag them.


Whether you’re attending a trade show, launching a new product or simply coming in to your peak season, promote your calendar! Use a picture or link to the event you’re promoting and then engage your audience by asking them what they’re excited about this week/month. Tell them how you are going to help them if they attend the event as well.

Good Deeds

It’s always a good idea to sponsor or involve yourself with a charity or non profit in your area. Don’t let those good deeds go unnoticed! If you donate a backpack of school supplies for a ‘Back To School’ drive, take a picture of your donation and share it across your social media pages. This will lend credibility to your character as a business and allow you to cross post to additional audiences. End your post by asking your followers to share their favorite charities or recent contributions.

For more best practices for your social media content, contact us!

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