4 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Social Engagement

John Flottmeyer
August 10, 2020 0 Comment

You’re working really hard on boosting your Twitter engagement, but you’re not getting anywhere…does this apply to you? The good news is that if you’re struggling with gaining that Twitter following you’ve been looking for, a few fixable mistakes may be what stand between you and your engagement goal.

1. Your profile may be the culprit. A plain Twitter profile that has no true pizazz won’t inspire visitors to click on that follow button anytime soon. A social profile, whether it’s your own professional account acting as a business, sums up the owner and purpose of that account. A boring, unhelpful profile then means the purpose is just as uninspired. Social Media Examiner offers up some great ideas for making your profile stand out, and you can use your own creativity to punch up your header, bio and personal info.

2. You aren’t focusing on engagement.When someone responds to you on Twitter, or even initiates a conversation, it’s your job to acknowledge them. Remember this: social media is all about being social. It’s right there in the name! Ignoring those mentions and conversations can be a turn off for potential followers.

3. Where are the hashtags? Like it or not, they’re certainly here to stay. ‘Hashtag’ is even an official entry in the Oxford English Dictionary! Not every tweet you publish has to include a hashtag, but examine your crafted tweets carefully. Could a particular tweet benefit from an attached hashtag? Utilize this handy sympol “#” to connect yourself to topics, movements and other collections of thought.

4. Don’t get too sucked into promoting yourself. If every tweet you post is about your new business venture or a current sale, followers are going to check out — instead of checking it out. Potential followers can easily browse your feed and see what they’re in for: a nonstop advertisement stream. The solution? Shake things up. Offer valuable content and more personal touches. Think about questions you get most from your clients and answer those on social media. 

Above all, remember that your social media is a good introduction to your business or professional persona. 

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