4 Reasons You Should Use Quotes on Social Media

shelly burr
August 28, 2020 0 Comment

Social media platforms were designed to be sociable, your followers and fans want content that is motivational, positive, hopeful, entertaining or even funny. The world is often plagued with negativity, people want content that can make the feel better. Quotes can help stir a positive conversation.  As one type of content that receives social media engagement, quotes are a go-to for brands when producing non-promotional posts.

You don’t have to always use motivational quotes, you can use quotes that focus on industry trends, leaders, humor, statistics, insights and customer testimonials. Quotes are a very powerful tool in media content.

1. Quotes are short and easy to consume

Longer content can sometimes bog down your audience. Your audience will appreciate a cliff’s notes version of content, quotes can often highlight the best part of the whole story. Quotes emphasize the most critical points in short form. Videos and blogs are starting see views decline. Research shows that the attention span of a product video decreases as each second passes.

Quotes require less time and allows your audience whether to read it or to move on. Quote posts are easily consumable and therefore more likely consumed! When you share quotes, not all of them need to drive traffic. You should focus more on offering value to your audience.

2. Quotes stir an emotional response

People lean towards quotes for many reasons, one of which is that the messages make them feel something. Quotes leave an impression on your audience. That impression could be about your brand or an action that they need to take. Either way, there’s a feeling attached to those quotes. When considering quotes, inspirational quotes are the most impactful and emotional.

3. Quotes are a great visual

Visuals are a must in your social media content. Your audience processes visual faster and respond to them more often on social media. While text heavy posts receive some attention, posts with visuals do even better. Content with visuals are better noticed in the news feed, increase engagement and excite the audience.

4. Quotes cut down your time 

Informative posts enlighten your audience while encouraging them to learn. Using a strategy that includes quotes is definitely worth your time. Over time, your audience will see you as a brand that is helpful, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

We hope these tips will allow you to reach and engage with your audience more than ever!

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