5 Reasons to Ask Questions on Your Social Media

shelly burr
September 4, 2020 0 Comment

You’re scrolling through Instagram, and all of a sudden you see a popular brand asking its fans to comment their favorite color. You might think — Well, mine’s blue. But what does that have to do with selling yogurt?

These accounts aren’t just being nosey, they’re being smart! Posing questions to your followers online can do wonders for your business. Don’t believe us? Here are five great reasons to engage with consumers in this way:

1. Work the algorithm

Platforms like Instagram have highly trained algorithms that pay attention to how your audience interacts with you. Posts that generate more comments are seen as more enjoyed, and thus recommended to more people. If you can inspire your followers to leave a comment, they’ll help you expand your reach!

Replying to fan comments will also help with this, so get chatting!

2. Build brand loyalty

Having one-on-one interactions within platforms’ comment sections can help to humanize your brand. Followers who have a memorable, witty, or friendly interaction on one of your pages may be left with an increased sense of brand loyalty. Those smiles will quickly turn into sales.

3. Learn more about your target demographic

Not all of your questions have to be light-hearted or basic. If you’re getting ready to roll out a new product or service, poll your followers to see what they’re in the mood for. Those who follow you on social media are probably already some of your most regular customers, so make sure you won’t be letting them down.

4. Keep them coming back

Comments can be a great way to draw users back to your posts. Once an answer to your question has been posted, every like and reply it garners will send them a notification. When clicked on, these notifications will bring them right back to your content. This will keep your product and company in the forefront of their mind and — who knows! — may eventually lead to a purchase.

Posing regular, interesting questions will also have followers looking forward to your posts and frequently engaging with your account.

5. Have fun!

This is our last tip, but is truly one of the best reasons. Social media marketing can be stressful and a lot of pressure, but engaging with consumers in the comments can make it all worth it. You’re bound to hear stories of why your company is loved and be reminded of what you’re working for. And asking for crazy stories and funny jokes will quickly brighten up any feed.

Of course, there are times when questions may not be effective. Facebook, for example, does not allow you to “boost” posts that aim to survey your audience. And, if used too frequently or inappropriately, asking questions can distract from your content.

We hope these tips will allow you to reach and engage with your audience more than ever!

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