How to set-up automated responses

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November 20, 20205 0 Comment

How to set-up Facebook Automated Responses to improve your customer service. Have you ever lost a project because didn’t respond quick enough to an inquiry? Learn how you can use […]

Social Media Visibility

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How to get more visibility on social media You spend so much time trying to get your posts seen by more people on social media, only to fall flat. It’s […]

how to get your salon more visible on social media

Engaging hair salon industry social media post ideas

shelly burr
November 19, 20205 1 Comment

How to get people to pay attention and see your hair salon social media posts and get more customers. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with […]

boost holiday sales with landing pages

How to boost holiday sales

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November 17, 20205 0 Comment

How you can boost your holiday sales  For most businesses, 2020 has been a challenge and you might be feeling discouraged about not hitting your year-end goals, we want you […]

If your emails were dinner party conversations.

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November 3, 20205 0 Comment

We examine 5 dinner party scenarios to help you create good emails. Watch to find out how your emails are a ‘booty call,’ ‘all about me,’ and the ‘sorry to […]