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Engaging hair salon industry social media post ideas

shelly burr
November 19, 2020 1 Comment

How to get people to pay attention and see your hair salon social media posts and get more customers.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your hair salon clients, let them know about last minute openings and specials. 

When you think about creating social media for your business which category do you fall into?

A) You spend zero time on social media because you don’t know what to do

B) You spend too much time

If you picked A. and are spending zero time on your social media – your competition is going to win all your potential business. 

On the other hand, if you picked B. and you spend too much time, you are losing revenue and time you could be spending serving clients or growing your business. 

The stakes are higher now more than ever for your hair salon business. 

Below are tips to make your social media laser focused and help you get customers to take notice of you and book more appointments as a result of it. 

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Here are a few samples of different posts using the tips from above.


Using humor on your post can be great.
Be sure to make it relevant to your industry.
You can see this post got lots of likes, comments, and shares. 

It ties into customers’ problems positioned them as the solution to their hair woes.


Problem & Solution 

Give people a small win. Show them how to do something themselves. 

This post points out that they are hunched over and sore from working – and then gives them a solution. 

You could also post a short video of how to give yourself a quick neck or hand massage along with the benefits of doing so. 

They get a quick win and when they want more, they will come back to you as the expert who helped them.


Watch the video to get all of the details on each of the 6 tips. 

How to get people to start to pay attention to your social media posts.
6 strategies that we use for our clients – and you can swipe them too and use them for your business.


15 Social media post ideas for the hair salon industry

  1. Video tips – on how to do things at home (brading, cutting, etc)
  2. Products
  3. Asking questions 
  4. Posting quotes 
  5. Repost a funny joke
  6. Hair salon industry trends 
  7. Local deals 
  8. Asking people to pick their favorite – Like choose A or B 
  9. Tag another business or someone you want to engage in a post 
  10. New trending products and how they work 
  11. Before and after 
  12. Promote special days 
  13. Asking people how they are doing 
  14. New products 
  15. Testimonials from previous hair salon customers



Download 8 images you can use for your December 2020 hair salon social media + a content calendar. 

Images, planning calendar, text, hashtags, and emojis are all ready for you to copy and paste.


When you click above, you’ll make a copy of the file on your own Google Drive. 

Enjoy & share with a hairdresser you know and love.


To successful social media, 

Shelly Burr 

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