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shelly burr
February 10, 2021 0 Comment

For our business to be successful, we have to sit down, take a hard look at our numbers and understand exactly where we stand in regards to our marketing campaigns and our goals.

But it can be hard to track all the different metrics across so many different channels (social media, email campaigns, podcast listens, lead gen calls to action, etc), so we created a free tracking spreadsheet that you can use to track *all of them* – which will help you to set and track your goals!

Check out this video where we walk you through its features:


Download our FREE tracking spreadsheet, so you can easily track your goals! You’ll then be on your way to set up an action plan to achieve your business goals!

And if by chance you find yourself overwhelmed with all the different marketing campaigns that you have going on, reach out to us – we can help set up everything for you

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