Our favorite social media tool that will help you GAIN MORE TIME! 😍

shelly burr
April 22, 2021 0 Comment

How many hours per week do you spend engaging and commenting on social media?

We’ve all been there: the infamous social media rabbit hole. We jump in, thinking to ourselves it’ll only take “a few minutes, just to chill for a bit”…. and, before we know it, we’ve spent hours scrolling on our Facebook feed. Social media fun? You bet! Work productivity? Not that much.

In this video we’re sharing our favorite TIME-GAINING social media tool that we recommend to all our clients. You’ll find that it not only helps you to focus and to manage the time you spend on social media; it’ll also help manage your meetings, personal tasks, fitness workouts…. and more!



Here’s the block timer that we’ve mentioned in the video. We’re sure it’ll help you become much more productive! But if you feel like what you really need is to totally delegate most of your social media tasks to someone else, contact us – we’ll do it for you!

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