Stalking, Shopping, Spotting, Exiting?

John Flottmeyer
April 27, 20115 0 Comment

“Checking out”, is the newest way to let everyone know where you are leaving. So how about we discuss “checking in” in order to “check out”. “Check in” is a […]

Email Advice & Lady Gaga?

John Flottmeyer
February 23, 20115 0 Comment

Email Advice & Lady Gaga? You don’t have to wear a dress made of meat to have a successful email campaign! I went to the Lady GaGa concert at the […]

Social Media Sponge

John Flottmeyer
September 22, 20105 0 Comment

Soak up the knowledge from a Social Media Sponge. Take the lead in social marketing by starting with a plan. I invite you to visit and preview our intuitive, […]