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Facebook username, Facebook password. Twitter username, Twitter password. Linkedin username, Linkedin password. Foursquare username, Foursquare password. username, password. If you are familiar with any type of social media you’ll understand the hassle of constantly checking different websites multiple times a day. Yet, what if there was some magical superhero tool that could log… Read more »

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“Checking out”, is the newest way to let everyone know where you are leaving. So how about we discuss “checking in” in order to “check out”. “Check in” is a feature on the internet that allows your stalkers, your friends, your family, and those people you choose to pretend you are friends with know where… Read more »

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Email Advice & Lady Gaga? You don’t have to wear a dress made of meat to have a successful email campaign! I went to the Lady GaGa concert at the Xcel Energy concert & she was fabulous. I think it was her music….or maybe it was the fact that we got moved up from the… Read more »

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