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I want to pull you back in with one more WordPress topic. Plugins!

When you log in as admin, the plugin area is the second button on the third grouping of buttons on the left. Plugins are extensions that are built to add in some functionality to WordPress – think of it as an app store… need a calendar?, video player? exercise schedule? There’s a plugin for that.

You may notice numbers on this button similar to the comments area if you are using comments. This alerts you to plugins that have updates available. It is a good practice to update your plugins – because there are often bug or security fixes. However, always check with your developer before upgrading plugins – if your developer has modified the original plugin code to create a customized version, an upgrade could cause some issues.  Also, depending on your version of WordPress and PHP versions, there may be issues with upgrading to a new version. Ok, enough with the boring geeky stuff already, let’s get to the fun stuff.

  1. WP Hide Post: If you have a post or page that you’d like to have pubished but not show up in the search or navigation you can use this plugin to control where it appears, even the feeds!
  2. Stats: Curious what sort of traffic is coming to your blog or pages? See what posts are the most visited with this plugin
  3. Contact Form 7: This plugin will allow you to create and modify forms for your site.
  4. All in One SEO: add in and change the keywords titles and descriptions of your pages and posts
  5. WP Touch: My new favorite – changes your blog to a mobile device friendly version

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