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Shelly Burr 1290 Hosford Street, Suite E Hudson, WI 54016 Phone: 715-426-9716   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Fun, timely, and opinionated since 1999.   Hudson, WI – Oct. 28, 2016   Voila! Media Group is a Hudson, WI based company that is celebrating 17 years in business this month. They are in the business… Read more »

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What’s the word in Marketing word mash-ups? By definition fusing two words together by sound and meaning is called a portmanteau. A few examples are smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel. We wanted to give it a try and apply it to all things marketing & social media marketing… Read more »

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Social media, if used effectively, can be an excellent tool to build your brand, generate leads and convert them.   Reality check – if your social media pages have only a handful of followers, and if more than half of them are just your employees, then you are not “doing social media.”   Here are… Read more »

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PMS has many different meanings: Pass My Shotgun Psychotic Mood Shifts Perpetual Munching Spree Puffy Mid-Section Provide Me With Sweets Pardon My Sobbing Pass My Sweatpants