Why Us?

Why Us?

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Why people love us:

From ‘meh’ to memorable

Isn’t that what every business leader wants from their marketing? And what every reader deserves from your business?

We’ve seen too many websites that disappoint. With too many words that ramble. With too many designs that lack oomph. And more of the same for their pages, emails, ads, posts, decks, lead magnets, profiles & everything else-marketing. The perfect recipe for looking & sounding like all the rest.

That’s why we started this biz. And why we stay in this biz.

To help leaders understand their audience better than ever. With words that work as well as their business. A design that inspires website visitors to read, not ignore, their story. And campaigns for fans & followers to adore their brand.

No more blah blah blah. No more of the mundane. No more confusion & overwhelm. Instead… Clarity about their business. Clarity for their buyers. And clarity for their marketing. Yes, we’re opinionated.

Yes, we’re opinionated.

Which is (exactly) what you want from an experienced consultant that leads the way vs. just takes orders. Otherwise? You get more of the same. We give you more of what’s needed—to increase your reach, improve your brand & grow your sales.

Bet that’s something you’ve always wanted.

Ready to say things that interest, vs. bore, your readers?

Why Us...

We stick around to make it all work

Versus… sell ya & cya. ‘Cause’ our asses are on the line too

Shelly Burr, Founder of Voila! Media Group

Shelly Burr

Founder of Voila! Media Group

I’m your project manager. You deserve to save time and money
using marketing strategies that work for your business.

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Fairway Fanatic

That one good hit per game, keeps me going.

3 Kids In College

Please help me pay for our kids college.

Empty Nesters

“If only we had more laundry to do.”

Meet Robin

The dog gets all the attention now.

#1 Fan

Milwaukee Bucks

Storybrand Certified Guide

I can help you create a clear marketing message


Graphic Designer for Voila! Media Group
I’m your graphic designer. I create clean design and clear messages that help business owners increase sales.

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Tobie Anderson, Graphic Designer for Voila! Media Group

Shoe Addict

Not quite Imelda Marcos but I do have a whole closet for shoes.

Coffee Flights

Froth & Cork in Hastings changes their flights monthly…delicious!

Cadillac Three

My favorite band. Yep…I’m a country rock kind of girl.


The kids grew up and left us. Jameson took their place.


My favorite season of the year. Go Brewers!

Bonfires & Bourbon

Two of my favorite things!
“Previous marketing agencies didn’t perform well. Didn’t understand our business and didn’t respond to our requests & needs. We had to do so much rework. Then we met & partnered with Volia!. They got to know the real us. They created an entire marketing engine. And kept us informed at all times. All while making, not scrambling, to meet deadlines. Deep insights, solid communication and a simple process to keep growing sales. What more could you ask for?“
~ Deb Frick, Administrative Services Manager at Stellis Health, PA