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Shelly Burr 1290 Hosford Street, Suite E Hudson, WI 54016 Phone: 715-426-9716   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Fun, timely, and opinionated since 1999.   Hudson, WI – Oct. 28, 2016   Voila! Media Group is a Hudson, WI based company that is celebrating 17 years in business this month. They are in the business… Read more »

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MeMoves™ An award winning DVD, one two-minute MeMoves™ sequence can immediately calm even a child with autism in distress. Imitating those on the screen, users are transformed by the images, movements and music. Roberta was just interviewed on, congratulations to MeMoves™! View the story here. Voila! worked with MeMoves™ creators Chris and Roberta… Read more »

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I love all the excitement surrounding awards shows like the red carpet interviews and the celebs getting all dressed up. My husband knows when it is Golden Globe and Oscar time he might as well make his home by the downstairs TV. I’ll be watching the all day coverage on E and then the awards… Read more »

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Voila! works on the PR for MIA Hunters MIA Hunters is an all-volunteer group from MN that just returned from the jungles of Papua New Guinea, where they reported locating 92 crash sites of lost WWII aircraft. The discoveries are reported to the US Army in Hawaii for retrieval, so the families that have not… Read more »

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Autism Website Gets Parents Connected, Using Social Media As technology is constantly changing, so is the way we design websites. Our client, Surreia’s Place, saw a need for parents to be able to communicate with each other, learn from each other, share stories, and trade/share specialized equipment. Voila’s team members have diligently been working on… Read more »