The Untold Costs of Social Media – social is free, right?

shelly burr
September 14, 20205 0 Comment

Social Media is Free, Right? Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing out there. Three billion people across the world use at least one form […]

What’s the word?

John Flottmeyer
September 13, 20165 0 Comment

What’s the word in Marketing word mash-ups? By definition fusing two words together by sound and meaning is called a portmanteau. A few examples are smog, coined by blending smoke and […]

Why We Love Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

John Flottmeyer
February 1, 20165 0 Comment

It’s Everywhere The first magazine was published in 1741, the first billboards arrived in the late 1800’s, search engines launch in 1995, blogging emerged in 1998, social media sites gained […]

Are you “doing social media”?

John Flottmeyer
January 2, 20165 0 Comment

Social media, if used effectively, can be an excellent tool to build your brand, generate leads and convert them.   Reality check – if your social media pages have only […]