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What’s the word in Marketing word mash-ups? By definition fusing two words together by sound and meaning is called a portmanteau. A few examples are smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel. We wanted to give it a try and apply it to all things marketing & social media marketing… Read more »

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Social media, if used effectively, can be an excellent tool to build your brand, generate leads and convert them.   Reality check – if your social media pages have only a handful of followers, and if more than half of them are just your employees, then you are not “doing social media.”   Here are… Read more »

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Do you want to offer your website users a way to share the content on your site? Or bookmark your site? Or print a page on your site? How about all of those things, plus some! Luckily, there are many services available that offer all of these things. And the best part is, most of… Read more »

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Twitter describes itself as a “real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting.” Many people shy away from using Twitter because of the personal and quick-fire nature of this social media outlet, but it can be just as effectively utilized for accessing that same quick-fire information from people… Read more »

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Here are a few ways that you can customize your facebook page to help your brand stand out from the competition. Create a custom banner. You can have a banner made to replace your standard square picture. Check out our Voila! Banner on the left that we have on our facebook page or click the… Read more »