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What’s the word in Marketing word mash-ups? By definition fusing two words together by sound and meaning is called a portmanteau. A few examples are smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel. We wanted to give it a try and apply it to all things marketing & social media marketing… Read more »

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I love all the excitement surrounding awards shows like the red carpet interviews and the celebs getting all dressed up. My husband knows when it is Golden Globe and Oscar time he might as well make his home by the downstairs TV. I’ll be watching the all day coverage on E and then the awards… Read more »

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Here are a few ways that you can customize your facebook page to help your brand stand out from the competition. Create a custom banner. You can have a banner made to replace your standard square picture. Check out our Voila! Banner on the left that we have on our facebook page or click the… Read more »

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It’s hard to turn your marketing brain off when you are out and about. I seem to analyze everything when I’m out, so this time, I thought I’d share a review of a restaurant I went to the other weekend while I was in Milwaukee, WI – AJ Bombers. Some of my favorite restaurant memories… Read more »

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11 lessons for 11 years. 1. When you first start your business with a partner, make sure to have a good exit plan and strategy and know what it means! Get documents in place to support this. Do this while you are friends! 2. Take care of yourself! Being a business owner can be stressful… Read more »