Here’s How to Get Your Marketing Ready for Black Friday

As you take down your Halloween decorations and the spooky season gives way to the festive holiday spirit, it’s time to set your sights on a retail event that’s become a global shopping phenomenon: Black Friday. November 24th.

Whatever niche you’re in–whether it’s online merch selling, a contractor, doing coaching–there’s no reason you shouldn’t be part of this thrilling retail extravaganza.

With US consumer spending expected to hit $9.8 billion this year, Black Friday has transcended its origins as a one-day sales event.

If you don’t know where or how to start your preparations, here’s a checklist that will ensure you’re well-prepared to seize every opportunity this shopping bonanza has to offer.

Your Checklist 

Problem #1: Website Performance

Solution: Stress Test Your Website for Black Friday Surges

  • Problem: Black Friday brings a surge of online shoppers, and your website must handle the traffic without issues.
  • Solution: Conduct stress tests to identify and optimize potential bottlenecks. Ensure smooth checkout and mobile optimization for a seamless user experience.

Problem #2: Email Marketing

Solution: Implement a Robust Email Segmentation Strategy

  • Problem: Sending generic emails may not resonate with your diverse audience.
  • Solution: Segment your email list to tailor content and offers to specific audience groups, increasing engagement and conversions.

Problem #3: Leveraging Social Media

Solution: Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Gimmicks

  • Problem: Building anticipation and excitement for Black Friday can be challenging.
  • Solution: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for teaser posts, countdowns, Q&A sessions, and exclusive deal previews to engage your audience.

Problem #4: Guiding Shoppers to Offers

Solution: Create Catchy Landing Pages for Your Black Friday Promos

  • Problem: Shoppers may lose interest if they can’t easily find your Black Friday deals.
  • Solution: Design visually appealing landing pages with clear messaging and call-to-action buttons to guide visitors towards conversions.

Problem #5: Engaging Potential Customers

Solution: Implement Ad Retargeting Strategies

  • Problem: Shoppers who showed interest in your products might abandon their carts.
  • Solution: Use ad retargeting to remind them of your great deals and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Problem #6: Handling Customer Support

Solution: Ensure Efficient Customer Support

  • Problem: Technical issues and inquiries can overwhelm your support team during Black Friday.
  • Solution: Have a responsive support system in place to address issues, process returns, and provide helpful solutions, turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Problem #7: Inventory Management

Solution: Manage Your Inventory Effectively

  • Problem: Running out of stock, whether physical or digital, can lead to missed sales and customer frustration.
  • Solution: Ensure everything you offer is available and ready for delivery to avoid stockouts during the Black Friday frenzy.

Make Your Business Black Friday Ready with Voila Today!

We’re a few weeks away from Black Friday and there’s no better time than now to start preparing your strategies.

Good luck with your sales & marketing this year!