4 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Social Engagement

John Flottmeyer
August 10, 20205 0 Comment

You’re working really hard on boosting your Twitter engagement, but you’re not getting anywhere…does this apply to you? The good news is that if you’re struggling with gaining that Twitter […]

The basics of advertising on Facebook

John Flottmeyer
November 16, 20185 0 Comment

Basic Tips for Advertising on Facebook Facebook is the second most visited site on the internet behind Google. And most people don’t even see the Google search engine as a website. […]

5 Social Media Topics That Will Always Be Fresh

John Flottmeyer
November 2, 20185 0 Comment

Social media topics to help keep your business fresh You use your social media pages to help land new clients. It’s your platform to connect, build relationships, find referrals and improve […]

5 Tips for Facebook

John Flottmeyer
April 24, 20185 0 Comment

5 Tips for Marketing on Facebook If your page isn’t getting the kind of likes and follows you’ve been hoping for, you should consider putting some of the following tips […]

3 Tips For Getting Viral Twitter Traffic

John Flottmeyer
June 20, 20175 0 Comment

3 Tips For Getting Viral Twitter Traffic Twitter is a great way to get your message out there and go viral. Although you are limited in the number of characters […]

3 Free Tools for Social Media Graphics

John Flottmeyer
June 6, 20175 0 Comment

3 Free Tools for Social Media Graphics With the importance and prevalence of visual marketing in the digital age, knowing how to create your basic graphics for use online is […]

4 Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Facebook Groups

John Flottmeyer
May 24, 20175 0 Comment

As a small business owner, there is no extra time to interact on social media. Every hour is precious and if it can be spent maximizing efficiency and finding leads, even […]

3 Actionable Twitter Tips

John Flottmeyer
May 17, 20175 0 Comment

3 Actionable Tips for Connecting with Freelancers on Twitter Freelancing can be a lonely business. It can also be a goldmine for social interaction and for making connections. When you are […]

#Hashtags By The Numbers

John Flottmeyer
May 10, 20175 0 Comment

#Hashtags By The Numbers Don’t have time? Listen to the Audio file on the go! *Please note that the voice in the audio below refers to a Hashtag as “Number”   […]

Social Media and Growing Your Small Business

John Flottmeyer
April 27, 20175 0 Comment

Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business We live in a day and age where nearly everything is online and social media is no exception. Do you have a […]