How to close a sale in 6 steps!

shelly burr
April 1, 20215 0 Comment

When you’re running a business, it doesn’t matter how good/valuable/unique your product or service is… if you can’t convince your audience that it will help them fix their problems, they […]

If your emails were dinner party conversations.

shelly burr
November 3, 20205 0 Comment

We examine 5 dinner party scenarios to help you create good emails. Watch to find out how your emails are a ‘booty call,’ ‘all about me,’ and the ‘sorry to […]

When we share, everyone wins.

Voila Media Group
December 1, 20165 0 Comment

Looking for better images for your blogs or social media? Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts. So, where do you get your images from for […]

Add a LinkedIn Profile Badge to Your Blog Posts

Voila Media Group
November 11, 20165 0 Comment

How to add a LinkedIn Profile Badge to Your Blog Posts Log in to your linked in account Click “Edit Profile” You should get to a page that looks like […]

Email Advice & Lady Gaga?

Voila Media Group
February 23, 20115 0 Comment

Email Advice & Lady Gaga? You don’t have to wear a dress made of meat to have a successful email campaign! I went to the Lady GaGa concert at the […]