How to improve your website with a review! Case study with a wellness studio website

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April 15, 20215 0 Comment

How can you improve your website in order to get more conversions and sales? By doing a website review! This is easily one of the most underutilized strategies that you […]

3 Tips For Successful Social Media Posts

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January 20, 20175 0 Comment

3 Tips For Successful Social Media Posts Everyone is on social media these days, and why wouldn’t they be? It’s a great way for friends and family to stay in […]

5 Social Media Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Potential

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January 14, 20175 2 Comments

LinkedIN tips to increase your potential  Potential customers and clients are increasingly looking for new contacts and solutions for their business needs, through networking via LinkedIn. If you aren’t reaching customers through […]

How Leadership Is Like Rowing

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January 6, 20175 0 Comment

What rowing has taught me about effective team building & marketing I started a learn to row program 2 years ago and have learned many lessons from those skinny boats, long […]

Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone

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December 7, 20165 0 Comment

Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone Imagine you are getting ready to post a ‘Happy Holidays’ message from your company. You have multiple social media accounts for your organization […]

Why We Love Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

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February 1, 20165 0 Comment

It’s Everywhere The first magazine was published in 1741, the first billboards arrived in the late 1800’s, search engines launch in 1995, blogging emerged in 1998, social media sites gained […]