Social Media and Growing Your Small Business

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April 27, 20175 0 Comment

Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business We live in a day and age where nearly everything is online and social media is no exception. Do you have a […]

Powerhouse Tips for Paid Search Conversion Rate

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April 26, 20175 0 Comment

Tomato – Tomatoes vs. Potato – Potatoes? How about there vs. their? Do the spelling of these words make any difference? Yes! Grammatically, and even more when they are being […]

What Social Media Sites Should my Business be on?

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March 3, 20175 0 Comment

How Many and Which Social Media Sites Should I Use? As frequently asked questions go, the most common social media marketing question is, “How many and which social media sites […]

3 Social Media Tips for Small Business

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December 20, 20165 0 Comment

3 Social Media Tips for Small Business So, you have business cards, you took care of the legal jargon, and you plugged in your neon “Open” sign. You’re a small […]

Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone

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December 7, 20165 0 Comment

Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone Imagine you are getting ready to post a ‘Happy Holidays’ message from your company. You have multiple social media accounts for your organization […]

When we share, everyone wins.

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December 1, 20165 0 Comment

Looking for better images for your blogs or social media? Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts. So, where do you get your images from for […]

Why We Love Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

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February 1, 20165 0 Comment

It’s Everywhere The first magazine was published in 1741, the first billboards arrived in the late 1800’s, search engines launch in 1995, blogging emerged in 1998, social media sites gained […]