Facebook Creator Studio Tutorial

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December 29, 20205 0 Comment

Facebook has recently updated its Creator Studio platform, which allows for scheduling and publishing all your Facebook and Instagram posts. This social media tool comes with powerful features, and many […]

How to quadruple your Facebook clicks

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December 21, 20205 0 Comment

Learn how you can quadruple your Facebook clicks. Today’s special guest, Dan Stocke, from Buzz Frenzy is going to tell you how you can do just that!    

Plan your 2021 social media strategy – with less stress

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December 14, 20205 0 Comment

Do you stress out each month with what types of content to post on social media? Do you plan it on the day of? It is possible to plan your […]

How to set-up automated responses

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November 20, 20205 0 Comment

How to set-up Facebook Automated Responses to improve your customer service. Have you ever lost a project because didn’t respond quick enough to an inquiry? Learn how you can use […]

Social Media Visibility

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How to get more visibility on social media You spend so much time trying to get your posts seen by more people on social media, only to fall flat. It’s […]

how to get your salon more visible on social media

Engaging hair salon industry social media post ideas

shelly burr
November 19, 20205 1 Comment

How to get people to pay attention and see your hair salon social media posts and get more customers. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with […]

boost holiday sales with landing pages

How to boost holiday sales

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November 17, 20205 0 Comment

How you can boost your holiday sales  For most businesses, 2020 has been a challenge and you might be feeling discouraged about not hitting your year-end goals, we want you […]

The Untold Costs of Social Media – social is free, right?

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September 14, 20205 0 Comment

Social Media is Free, Right? Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing out there. Three billion people across the world use at least one form […]

5 Reasons to Ask Questions on Your Social Media

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September 4, 20205 0 Comment

You’re scrolling through Instagram, and all of a sudden you see a popular brand asking its fans to comment their favorite color. You might think — Well, mine’s blue. But […]

4 Reasons You Should Use Quotes on Social Media

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August 28, 20205 0 Comment

Social media platforms were designed to be sociable, your followers and fans want content that is motivational, positive, hopeful, entertaining or even funny. The world is often plagued with negativity, […]