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Social Media Tips: 5 Abridged Steps to a Social Media Strategy Don’t let that title fool you… While these steps have been summarized, successful social media marketers spend lots of time creating efficient social media strategies for their companies. The following information is a quick outline of what you can expect when creating a strategy… Read more »

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Using Instagram To Tell Marketing Stories There are many different types of social media sites available for marketing your company. One that can make a huge difference is Instagram. This social media platform can help you tell stories that sell your product in great ways. Upload Fun And Interesting Photos Start by uploading photos that… Read more »

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5 Tips for Growing Your Business Through Instagram Out of 400 million daily Instagram users worldwide, over five million businesses use the social media platform to spread awareness, spark interest and bring in customers, according to Instagram Business. To tap into that pool of potential customers, follow these tips for expanding your reach through your… Read more »

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Maximize Your Twitter Presence With These Tips Twitter can be a powerful way to reach potential customers, but only if you use it properly. Here are a few tips for expanding your presence on this social media site and how to use it to attract more customers. Search For People Interested In Your Business When… Read more »

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Tips for Creating Great Facebook Posts How hit-or-miss are your Facebook posts? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had some certainty, when you publish a post, there was a high probably of receiving clicks, likes, and comments? Facebook posts, especially based on their limited organic reach, are mysterious to many business owners and entrepreneurs. The questions… Read more »